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Some people don’t know that they can simply refinish and refresh their kitchen and bathroom surfaces rather than pay for a costly remodel, but the reality is a refinish will not only save you money, but it will also save you time. 

Did you know that the average kitchen remodel takes 12 – 24 weeks? Refinishing takes at most 3 days.

Each repair and refinishing project is unique. Therefore we provide estimates before starting all refinishing work.

Refinishing a bathtub usually takes four hours. More time may be needed depending on the bathtub’s condition.

We can also repair chips, cracks, and scorch marks in your tub, shower, or countertops.

This depends, but generally 10-15 years if the surfaces are given proper care and maintenance.

Generally we like to say about 24 hours, which gives every coat time to bond and set.

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