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Established 2016 | Over 10 Years of Experience

Jubilee Resurfacing, LLC is an established company with over 10 years of experience in the Charleston County area. We specialize in countertop and tub refinishing — a cost-effective solution to replacing your worn-out surfaces. Also available are tile, cabinet, and brick fireplace refinishing services; if you run into issues after completion of any service we provide, our experienced team will be there to help resolve them. At Jubilee Resurfacing we believe that exceptional customer service is key and strive to always deliver on time while never compromising on quality! Our mission is to provide clients with cost-effective solutions for their remodeling needs so they can enjoy beautiful new surfaces without breaking the bank.

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Why Refinish?

Why spend a fortune replacing when you can refinish? Instead of taking on a huge and costly project, consider the benefits of refinishing your bathtub, sink, countertop, or any similar fixture in your home.

  • One major advantage of refinishing is the reduced mess compared to replacement.
  • Let’s talk about the price. Refinishing typically costs 75-85% less than full-blown replacement. That’s a huge saving!
  • Not only is refinishing more affordable, but it can also offer a better return on your investment, especially if you’re planning to stay in your current home for a while.
  • If being eco-friendly is important to you, refinishing is the way to go. It minimizes waste while still giving you a beautifully finished product.

So why go through the hassle of replacing when refinishing is the smart and cost-effective choice?

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